Asphalt/Concrete Excavation

Whenever there is a need for new site construction, paving contractors always perform asphalt or concrete excavation before starting a paving project. Excavation is needed to clear the site from any dirt, water accumulation, a weak or broken asphalt base, and sub-grade materials.

By clearing the site from the materials mentioned above, contractors get a better view and understanding of the foundation upon which they will pave your asphalt surface. Excavation is performed by digging, hauling, and disposing old materials to create a new canvas for either a new parking lot, road, driveway, or a new building project such as apartment complexes, houses, shopping malls, etc.

How is excavation done?

Our paving experts at Doctor Asphalt remove slabs of concrete and asphalt using high-tech industrial-grade equipment to clear the area thoroughly. With our advanced grading equipment, we remove all obstacles creating problems for your new structure. This includes eliminating logs, tree roots, bushes, boulders, and damaged pipelines.

Larger asphalt and concrete areas are efficiently removed to create a clean foundation for a new building structure. So whether you are planning a commercial or residential project, our site excavation services will get rid of your existing surface in no time.

If you are a business owner or a resident in Wisconsin and Minnesota and need parking lot or driveway installation, call our site excavation experts at Doctor Asphalt. Get a free estimate at 612-867-3778 today.